Breed:  Pitbull mix
Sex:  Male
Date of Birth112/20/13
Weight:  53 lbs
Spayed/Neutered:  Yes
Energy Level:  Energetic, but enjoys to lounge too
Good with children:  Adults (18+ years old) only please
Good with cats:  Unknown
Good with dogs:  Yes, but selective with dogs
  Dexter does well with dogs that are younger and a little smaller than him

About Dexter:

We are so sad for our sweet boy Dexter.  He was adopted as a puppy and when the young couple became pregnant with their first child, they decided they no longer wanted to have him in their lives.  Like any other dog, Dexter just wants to be noticed and loved.  He is a silly sweetheart who gets the zoomies when taken in the yard, and his favorite game is when two people stand a distance from each other and take turns calling his name, and then reward him with a treat for coming when called. He is also very cuddly and will crawl up in your lap if you let him.   If Dexter were to have a canine sibling, he does best with younger females that are little smaller than him.  Our sweet boy Dexter has been with us for over a year, which is not easy to say for fear that it will turn some people away, but we hope that somebody out there is looking for an underdog that just needs a chance.  If that’s you, please consider Dexter.  A long line of volunteers that have gotten to know him will attest to how awesome of a companion he will be with the right person or family.  We just want somebody to love him as much as we do, and can’t understand why that has not happened yet.

Because we are committed to helping Dex find his forever home, we are offering a free in home training session as part of his adoption.  We want to help him, and his new family, get him settled and become the best dog we know he can be in a home.

One of our amazing volunteers, Karrie Armstrong, has sponsored Dexter’s adoption fee, which means there is no charge to whomever adopts him!